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Question Roll 1: Building Community

Rather than a traditional roll merely asking students whether they’re present, I pose a different question to each student to begin class. “What’s something you’ve learned so far this semester?” “What was your favorite breakfast as a kid?” “What’s something … Continue reading

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Motivating the Problem of Evil

“Should everything you read be fun?” Students have trouble caring about the traditional Problem of Evil: whether God should have created an evil-free universe. And while discussions of free will do pique their interest, they distract from the truly motivating … Continue reading

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Soul Mates and Metaphysics

I like the phrase, “Pave a Path” for thinking about teaching, and when it comes time to talk about metaphysics, there’s a particular discussion that allows students to see a connection between what we’re doing in the classroom and what … Continue reading

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How seeing Teachers as Designers helped me understand my past and gave me hope for the future

A recent birthday present helped me understand one of the first teaching mistakes I realized I was making, and how two current techniques I use work to overcome that mistake. The present made it clear that we teachers have an … Continue reading

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Filling the Chalkboard

Why “Filling the Chalkboard”? Because the chalkboard is the space between that particular teacher and those particular students. There’s a singularity there that exists in the union of the space and the people that is pedagogy unfolding, and that’s something … Continue reading

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